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Pricing & Offer

We value your time and effort coming to our clinic and want you to be satisfied when you leave. We like to offer the most affordable and outstanding services to our patients. Below will give you an indication of our common procedures with their approximate costs. Prices for dental treatments may vary from time to time depending on the complexity of the treatment. However, Please note that we do try our best to provide accurate estimates of treatment costs.



Full examination

(including X-ray & photos)

New Patient: $145.00

Existing Patient: $115.00

Scaling and Polishing (Hygiene)


Deep Scaling and Root Planning


Composite Restorations

1 Surface: $185.00 to $245.00

2 Surfaces: $245.00 to $295.00

3 Surfaces: $295.00 to $345.00

Endodontics (Root Canal Treatments)

 Anterior: $950.00 to $1250.00

 Premolars: $1250.00 to $1450.00

Molars:  $1450.00 to $1650.00

(Includes composite fillings)

In-House Whitenin



Simple Extraction: $250.00 to $350.00

Surgical Extractions: $395.00 upwards

Full clearance extractions: $1000.00


Partial Denture: $1250.00 to $1650.00

Complete Denture: $1550.00


CEREC Crown: $1295.00 to $1395.00

Lab made Crown: $1395.00 to $1595.00


$1100.00 per unit


Free Dental treatments for 13-18yrs old

All general dental services for 13-18 years old are funded by DHB, which includes annual check up and clean. 

Free ACC consultations

All treatments of dental injuries from an accident will be provided free. 

WINZ quotes

For those who are eligible, we offer WINZ quotes for required dental treatments. 

*All payments are to be made after treatment or will be liable for debt collections

Opening Hours:

Monday - Friday

8.30am - 5:00pm

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